Jamie Higgins


With a growing staff working for the business, his main role within the company is now looking to the future for further growth and expansion

Jamie Higgins, Operations Director


Jamie was educated locally at Horndean Technical College resulting in A Levels in Business Studies, Law and English Language.

Immediately after leaving college, Jamie worked for Grant Thornton accountants in a traditionally graduate role training for a position as a tax specialist. Soon however, a role within TJ Transport Ltd became available leading to his first position within the organisation.

Initially working as an Invoice Clerk, Jamie quickly transitioned to the transport operations department culminating some years later as the Transport Manager for the growing fleet. As TJ grew and diversified, a position became available within the relatively new addition of TJ Waste & Recycling Ltd working within the company’s first Waste Transfer Station overseeing both the operations and sales function as well as the associated transport activity.

Fast forward to today, Jamie is now responsible for the entirety of the TJ Waste activity to include four Waste Transfer Stations across the south coast and a fleet of 30 vehicles with both the operational and commercial considerations in his purview.

For TJ Transport Ltd, he continues to be operationally responsible for an inert recycling centre, two quarries (sand and chalk) and one current inert restoration project (with four more pending).

Qualifications include National CPC, multiple WAMITAB and NEBOSH.

Jamie’s Bio:

job title:

Operations Director


Jamie’s job title of Operations Director covers a wide gamut of roles covering from staffing considerations and plant requirements, to ensuring a smooth customer journey for products and services offered through to invoicing and customer contact. Clearly also involves budgeting and financial considerations combined with ensuring the efficient running of the business.

As a wider consideration and with a growing staff working for the business, his main role within the company is now looking to the future for further growth and expansion – looking to move TJ Waste Ltd to the next stage of it’s progression as a major full life-cycle waste handling operator.

Why do you enjoy working for TJ WASTE?

His specialties are certainly in the waste operations area, improving processes and looking to future growth. This also the part of the job he enjoys the most. Having worked within the business for over 20 years, seeing the progression from his start to today and being part of continuing to move the business forward is incredibly satisfying.


Over 20 years


With a young family, time outside of work is very precious. Both of his children play competitive sports so most weekends are spent either by a rugby or football pitch.

Jamie enjoys running (having completed multiple marathons) and swimming competitively and also playing golf (when allowed!).