Environmental Standards

As part of our duty of care, it is our intention to reduce our carbon footprint by signing up to a carbon credit scheme to offset our usage. It is likely that we will enter into a commitment to plant a tree for every skip we sell.

Passionate about diverting  waste from landfill

We’ve made it one of our core missions to divert as much waste as possible from landfill; not only is it expensive, but it’s also detrimental to the environment and cannot be sustained long-term. 

TJ Waste continually seeks out new routes for waste disposal, whether that be innovative avenues for recycling, new processes or other options for Energy from Waste or biomass disposal. 

TJ Transport always endeavours to repurpose and reuse as many unwanted materials as possible including inert soil, contaminated materials (which are sent for treatment and reused) and hardcore, which is used to create our own recycled bulk fill aggregate, iBlend.

Using technology to decrease our carbon footprint

Our new IT system, Fissara Move, was designed specifically for us and offers the ideal solution as it can be utilised on the move, via Samsung Galaxy tablet devices. It is also used by office-based employees on desktop computers, improving communication between the two parties. 

This improved two-way communication enables us to lower our carbon emissions as office staff are able to route our drivers – on both the Waste and Transport sides – more accurately and maintain communication with them at all times. This means that as and when things change, this can be communicated to the drivers immediately, eliminating unnecessary journeys and resulting in fewer wasted miles.

Efficient fleet

Our entire fleet is on a rolling renewal scheme, which means our vehicles are always modern and well-maintained and no vehicle is over five years old. It’s a fact that newer vehicles are more efficient and produce lower emissions; this is something that we take very seriously in our operations and that we’re very mindful of.

We’re also signed up to  Goodyear Total Mobility, which ensures our vehicles’ tyres are well looked after, resulting in optimum safety and performance. Our fleet is supplied with the Goodyear OMNITRAC S D MSTII, a tyre that offers upgraded durability, efficiency, mileage and traction in all weather conditions.

Electric cars

We’ve launched an initiative to provide electric company cars for key members of staff in a bid to ensure internal travel is being done in the most economical way possible. So far we have equipped three employees with cars; these staff members are in roles that require them to travel between sites as well as visiting clients during the working day.

The cars are fully electric and we’ve installed charging points at our different sites to ensure they can recharge their batteries wherever they go. By cutting out fossil fuels for regular travel, we hope to significantly reduce our company carbon footprint, resulting in positive environmental effects. 

There are a range of electric cars on the market and we invited our staff to choose their preferred make and model. We plan to progress this initiative by purchasing additional vehicles over the coming months and years as the need arises.

Doing our bit

As you might expect, our staff all chip in and do their bit to keep the company carbon levels to a minimum. At our head office we operate a full office recycling scheme to ensure that any recyclable materials are processed in the correct way.

We also encourage energy saving wherever possible, with staff committed to switching off computers and lights whenever they’re not in use. We’ve opted for low energy lighting throughout the premises to keep usage down and some of our staff even opt to car share or cycle to work in aid of the environment.

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