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Safety policies

We pride ourselves on our innovative safety policies and procedures and industry experts obviously agree as we have won several safety awards and accolades over the years for our efforts. These include the Transport for London award for reducing occupational road risk and a national CEMEX award for leading the way with cycle safety.

We hold an annual health and safety staff induction every January to update our staff’s safety training and knowledge and to ensure they are doing all they can to keep themselves and those around them safe. The training is bespoke each year and tailored to the individual’s area of service so they are receiving training that is helpful and relevant to their role. 

Our drivers receive additional training every year or as and when the need arises to ensure they are maintaining their skills and qualifications in line with industry practices. They are also responsible for undertaking daily vehicle safety checks at the start of each shift to confirm that their vehicle is safe for road use. Any issues are reported and dealt with immediately to ensure complete safety.

We are committed to managing work related road risk and our drivers are strong advocates for cycle safety.  In 2016 we launched our Cycle Safe Campaign to raise awareness of vulnerable road users’ safety and to help reduce HGV / cyclist dangers. 

The initiatives implemented as part of the campaign are:

  • Annual driver induction
  • Annual driver assessment
  • MPQC Vulnerable Road User course
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Vehicle safety features, such as 360-degree camera systems, side under-run guards and audible left-turn warnings
  • Public interaction events, called ‘Exchanging Places’, with TJ vehicles and drivers

Fissara Move

We’ve recently implemented a new IT software system – Fissara Move – which was designed specifically for TJ, with our core business needs in mind.  It is ideal for us as it can be utilised by our drivers whilst on the move, via Samsung Galaxy tablet devices, as well as by office-based employees on desktop computers, improving communication between the two parties. 

The aim was to improve the way we work as a whole. We previously had a number of separate systems which made operations admin-heavy. Fissara Move has joined all our different service areas together to provide a smooth, seamless operation, with increased efficiency and reduced task time.

It encompasses every step of the service journey, from quote creation and booking, through to delivery and invoicing, with everything accessible at the touch of a button as all the data is stored in one place.

By bringing all our systems together, we have increased efficiency and reduced the time each task takes to complete

Vehicle technology

In addition to the new tablet system that our drivers now have access to in their cabs, our vehicles also boast a range of other safety features including automatic tailgates, a 6-point CCTV system, front and rear strobes, audible left turn warning, weigh loaders and side scanner sensors.

This technology, coupled with a high level of skill from our drivers, ensures that we keep any incidents to a minimum.


As a company we are growing, developing and expanding every year and continue to be one of the most prominent haulage and waste companies in the southern region. 

On the waste side, 2020 saw the highest-ever turnover on skip hire in our history, so much so that we had to purchase an additional 80 skips just to keep up with demand! We’ve now developed a national skip cross hire service to enable us to continue serving our customers regardless of where they are in the country.

We recently secured a £7.2 million contract with Southampton City Council, which will see us providing commercial waste management services to local businesses in the Southampton area, and we also have other similar contracts in the pipeline with other local authorities.

On the Transport side, 2020 saw us secure a five-year, multi-million pound contract to move aggregates and asphalt in the central south coast area on behalf of Tarmac, the UK’s largest supplier of construction materials.
This involves us undertaking all of Tarmac’s haulage work in the areas between Brighton and Bournemouth, which equates to hundreds of thousands of tonnes of aggregates per annum. In response, we have opened a new depot in Shoreham to enable us to work more closely with Tarmac, as well as reach out to other customers in the Sussex area.

We pride ourselves on our innovative safety policies and procedures resulting in several safety awards and accolades over the years for our efforts.

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