TJ’s sixth annual H&S training event goes virtual again!

TJ is preparing for their sixth annual staff induction event, which will take place in January and will once again be delivered virtually to ensure staff safety is prioritised amidst the ongoing pandemic. 

Traditionally the annual health and safety event is held over a few days to allow training to take place in TJ’s Bristol base on one day and near their HQ on the south coast for a further two days. Then last year, it all moved online due to COVID restrictions and this method also proved a success.

This year, a series of smaller group events was originally planned, but with COVID cases continuing to rise, it was decided that opting to go virtual again would be the safest option. 

The different elements of the training will be recorded in sections so that each employee can access just those that are relevant to them. The first video will be a general introduction delivered by Lee Downer, TJ’s Fleet Manager and in-house driver CPC trainer. The next video will feature health, safety and welfare information as well as company policies.

The third video will be role-specific – one for site operatives and one for drivers. For drivers, the main topics covered will be road safety and tablet use and technology. For site employees, it will be site-specific environmental management and site-specific safety procedures.

The videos will be accessible via the staff intranet as Microsoft PowerPoint slides. Staff will receive an email with a link to the videos and given time during the working week to undertake the training. When staff log in to the intranet, their own personalised dashboard will appear and the training that is relevant to them will automatically be available.

Supervisors will be able to see who has watched the videos and who hasn’t, which will enable them to ensure everyone is completing their training in full and that safety standards are maintained. These videos will also prove valuable for future use as they can also be utilised for new staff as and when they start.

The sessions are being organised by Jack Macfarlane, Head of Compliance, Lee Downer, Fleet Manager and in-house driver CPC trainer and Jason Strudwick, Site Manager.

Jack said:

“Another year and another virtual delivery, but it’s great because we’re adapting the training to suit the circumstances and keep everyone safe whilst ensuring that all staff receive training that is relevant to them and tailored to their role.”

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Luke Haskell
16 December 2021