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TJ was contacted by a local private land and asset management company who required assistance in clearing an area of land where some waste had been illegally fly-tipped. The land, near the B&Q superstore in Bedhampton, is privately-owned and managed by the company who enlisted our help.

The waste that had been fly tipped was a combination of general mixed waste as well as some construction waste.


TJ has extensive experience of dealing with fly tipping incidents such as this. We have all the equipment needed to deal with fly tipping quickly and effectively – grab lorries for removing the waste, the appropriate vehicles for transporting it, and skips in a range of sizes – up to 35-yard roll-on-roll-off skips – if these provide a more convenient way of removing the type of waste that has been tipped.

In response to this incident, we undertook a site visit and tested the waste. We decided the best course of action was to remove the waste manually and transport it using one of our 7.5 tonne vans. The waste was taken to our Tipner Materials Recovery Facility where it was sorted, with the different waste types being separated to ensure that anything that could be salvaged for reuse and recycling was.


We’ve provided assistance on a number of occasions over the past year. We helped resolve a large-scale fly-tipping incident in the grounds of Queen Elizabeth Country Park last April. The incident, which involved a lorry tipping a large load of mixed domestic waste into the park grounds after forcing its way through a padlocked gate unnoticed, was a significant eye sore and a potential danger to the surrounding environment.

After the vehicle had finished tipping, it became stuck and was unable to move, so the driver abandoned the lorry and fled into the Park. A couple of days later, the vehicle’s cab was set on fire and the Fire Service attended the scene to make it safe. The burnt-out vehicle was visible to anyone visiting the Park or passing south along the A3.

Local construction company, Maronway, who are based in Petersfield, approached QE Park and offered to help clear up the mess. They then enlisted our help and together we came up with a plan to quickly resolve the problem. Within just a couple of days all the waste and the burnt-out vehicle had been removed with the area being left neat and tidy.

On another occasion, we stepped into help when Southampton City Council fell victim to a fly-tipping incident on their land. We organised the removal of a container filled with paint thinner that had been dumped on a nature reserve in the Southampton area. We arranged for a specialist third party – who is licensed to handle and transport hazardous liquid waste – to attend the scene and safely remove and dispose of the container with a quick turnaround.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with and disposing of various hazardous materials, some of which we deal with ourselves, and for those that require additional measures, we call upon one of our qualified partner organisations to ensure the job is completed effectively and efficiently.


Our client – the land and asset management company – was very pleased with the service we provided. As promised, we turned the entire job around within a week from instruction/payment, providing an efficient and professional service. The land was cleared promptly and returned to its original state without any hassle for the client. 

As a responsible waste carrier, we provided our client with a waste transfer note to confirm that the removed waste was directed down the correct routes and that every effort had been made to divert as much of it as possible from landfill.

TJ Waste’s General Manager, Luke Haskell said:

“We’re always keen to assist in incidents of fly-tipping and will always get the job done as quickly as possible to ensure that any risk to the surrounding environment is kept to an absolute minimum. This, once again, underlines the importance of ensuring that any waste collection services that you utilise are provided by reputable and responsible companies – like TJ – and that evidence of where the waste will end up is provided to you every time.”

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